Considerations You Must Know Before Brewing A Cup Of Coffee

Single origin is a coffee drink that uses coffee beans from the same area. Single origin is indeed delicious, but it is too simple because it only depends on one characteristic. To get a richer taste, the way is to mix or blend. Aside from that, you may also need to see the recommended place to buy coffee beans too.

Each cafe has its own concoction or called house blend. You can also try combining various seeds with various ratios.

For example, you combine the Gayo Team Team, Ateng Super, with Mandailing. The result is coffee with a strong body, low acidity, sweet chocolate aroma, and does not leave a bitter taste at the end.

Looking for the right mix requires patience, time, and great energy. If you want it easier, you can buy coffee blends that are available at cafes or roasts such as Sasame Coffee.

Choosing Milk and Chocolate for a Coffee Combination

In the procedure for making coffee, there are two complementary ingredients that are often used, namely milk and chocolate. Milk is used for many types of espresso-based drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiato. While chocolate is used as the main mixture of mochaccino.

In choosing milk, use milk that still has fat content. Do not use low or nonfat milk types. Fat in milk makes it easier for you to make foam and give better consistency.

Chocolate is used for a variety of tasty coffee drinks such as mochaccino and frappuccino. Avoid using ready-made chocolate syrup. Although easy to find and use, chocolate syrup on the market has high sugar levels.

We recommend that you use pure chocolate powder. If you like sweetness, you can use a sweet chocolate powder that doesn’t have as much sugar content as chocolate syrup.

Various types of drinks and how to make coffee using chocolate and milk as a compliment. Do not choose carelessly because it will make the end result unpleasant.

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