History of Milkshake

Milkshake has several designations, namely “thickshake” and “frappe”. In 1885, the word milkshake was used the first time and it is applied as an alcoholic drink that serves as an enhancer or tonic. But all turned in 1900 while the milkshake switch use became a healthy drink made from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and added ice cream. If you want to try the best milkshake, you can try cheap milkshake if you buy at Happy Hour. You can clicking here and we have a lot of flavors that you can try.

Milkshake has a sweet and creamy flavor. This cold drink has a signature made from ice cream, milk, ice cubes, and sugar syrup, whisk together until soft. If you want to have a sense of chocolate or strawberry, then use that ice cream flavor. The addition of caramel, butterscotch, and beans can also be done. While whipped cream topping or an ice cream scoop has always been a beautiful decorator for milkshakes as a sweetener.

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