The Disadvantages Of Using An AC Excessively

The use of air conditioning in various types of residential houses as a way to deal with hot air in the house is indeed often done. Ac itself is an air conditioning device that is used as an air conditioner and makes the air condition more comfortable. Ac is deliberately created to regulate the temperature and humidity inside the room. Although it is very useful and its use is concise, but the use of ac can cause damage to the environment. Not only that, the excessive use of ac can actually disrupt the health of the body. Aside from that, call the best aircon servicing singapore whenever your AC is broken.

The following are some of the disadvantages of excessive use of ac, namely:

Make skin dry. Spending hours under an air-conditioned room turns out to cause dryness and the appearance of irritation to the mucous membranes. Not only that, the skin can also lose its natural moisture and slowly become dry and sensitive.

Aggravating respiratory diseases. Did you know that being in an air-conditioned room can make respiratory diseases worse? To avoid this, you can change the temperature to a higher temperature, then gradually reduce it to a low temperature.

Respiratory allergies. Exposure to fresh air produced by the ac can cause sinus problems, runny nose, sore throat and various other flu symptoms.

Therefore, to reduce excessive use of ac you should be able to find other solutions so that the room is not hot and stuffy. We recommend you to buy a fan just in case when your AC is broken, or simply to use it with your AC alternatively. This allows you to cool down your body all the time while reducing the health risk of using AC excessively at the same time. Furthermore, you may also need to check out the ventilations in your house, so the air in there can circulate better, which improves the temperature in there.

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