The Main Functions Of Curtains

Maybe all this time we know the function of the curtain is only limited to the window coverings and the complement of our home interior. It is true, one of the main functions of the curtain is as a window cover media and interior complement. If you have a plan to buy ผ้าม่าน, then you will have the chance to benefit from the functions of the curtain itself, such as:

Regulator of Quality and Quantity of Light

Well, the second function of the curtain is to measure the quality and quantity of light entering the room. Control of incoming light can certainly be done by simply opening or closing the curtains we have. and of course Very Practical.

Keeping Privacy

To protect your privacy with your family, curtains can help you maintain your and your family’s privacy. Automatically closed curtains will block the view from the outside in, and vice versa.

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