These are some of the causes of spinal disorders that must be known

In some parts of the body, of course, you often feel pain or pain which results in you not being able to do various activities. One part of the body that often experiences pain is the spine or back. This body part is indeed the part that most often feels pain for several reasons. If you already feel pain in this section, then you can do treatment with chiropractic. One who can handle this problem is Southside Jacksonville Chiropractor. Find the right and professional chiropractor before taking this treatment DOT physical.

Pain in the spine also has several causes. This is what many people usually don’t realize, so they often feel pain in their spine. Some causes that must be known are

1. Experiencing muscle tension
Muscle tension (muscle strain) or also commonly known as sprains usually occurs when lifting a heavy object that is wrong or a sudden movement. Other than that, tension can also result from excessive activity while working.

2. Disorders of the spinal structure arise
For example spinal disc problems, arthritis (inflammation of bones and joints), osteoporosis (bone loss), or abnormal spinal arches such as scoliosis.

3. Suffering from certain diseases
however, you cannot refer to collisions or even accidents that have ever happened and think it is the cause of the spinal disorder, because there are several diseases that can also be the cause, such as loss of nerve function in the lower spinal cord or called cauda equina syndrome, fungal or bacterial infections of the spine, and also cancer of the spine. To ascertain the cause of lower spinal pain, doctors can perform several supporting tests such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI, bone scanning, or electromyography (EMG). If an infection is suspected, the doctor can recommend a blood test.

You have to know what causes you to experience this spinal disorder, so you will know what treatment is right for you.

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